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Interested in becoming a MegaFood Retailer? You’re in the right place!

MegaFood has been crafting  WholeFood Supplements for over 40 years. We are committed to supporting our retail partners as we carry out our mission to improve lives and inspire others through quality products and education.

What makes MegaFood unique?

Farm Fresh Partnerships

Each year we get 500,000 lbs of whole foods like organic oranges from Uncle Matt’s, organic brown rice from Lundberg Family Farms, and cranberries from James Lake Farms brought right to our door, because just like you, we want to know where our ingredients come from. All MegaFood products are Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and tested for traces of 125+ different pesticides.

So Much Indy LOVE!

You can’t find MegaFood just anywhere. We love our independent retailers! Consumers cannot purchase MegaFood from the shelves of Mass Market retailers. We further support independent natural retail stores through facilitated community workshops, field education and a special newsletter called The MegaPhone* designed to help “Raise the Volume” for natural retailers. (*Visit The MegaPhone HERE. You can subscribe even if you aren’t a MegaFood retailer yet!)

Big T Transparency

As one of the only vitamin and supplement brands that controls its production from farm to tablet, we are committed to becoming the most trustworthy supplement manufacturer in the natural channel. You can get the nitty gritty of that at… but the short of it is that our door is always open for a tour, and we’ve even got live cams running 24/7, all in an effort to build trust with our retailers and consumers.

Now for the Products…

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