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Simplify your supplement routine with these multi-talented multis

By MegaFood

Simplify your supplement routine with these multi-talented multis

Simplify your supplement routine with these multi-talented multis

MegaFood | November 2021

By now, you've heard us say how important a multivitamin is to foundational health dozens of times. Multivitamins help us offset any nutritional gaps we may have in the diet, and function as our little nutritional insurance policy. Many of us, however, are looking to support more than baseline wellness - we want to address specific concerns that can impact our day-to-day well-being. More often than not, we find ourselves juggling a handful of different supplements to try and check all the boxes at once, which can be overwhelming and costly.

Some of the most common wellness areas we find ourselves looking for additional support are energy, stress, and immune function. There are a variety of products available to meet these needs, but they need to be taken in conjunction with your multivitamin if you still want to ensure you fill in those nutrient gaps. That's why we crafted our latest line of multivitamins - convenient tablets that address daily nutritional needs while also supporting other aspects of wellness (those categories we mentioned before) - immune, energy, and stress.

As a multivitamin, each formula was expertly crafted for optimal wellness support with 19+ vitamins and minerals included at 100% or more of the recommended daily value (DV). They were formulated without iron to ensure they can be taken by men and women alike, so some women may wish to supplement with additional iron. You'll also note a new form of vitamin C in these multis from Acerola Cherry. Now let's meet the lineup!

Multivitamin for Daily Immune Support* A complete multivitamin specially formulated to support a healthy immune system*

  • Includes key nutrients that are vital to help maintain a healthy immune system: vitamins C, D, E, selenium and zinc*
  • Features a complementary herb blend of organic astragalus root & reishi mushroom
  • Contains acerola cherry, a natural source of vitamin C, & methylated forms of folate & B12

Multivitamin for Daily Energy*


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