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A new look for MegaFood, same trusted formulas

By MegaFood

A new look for MegaFood, same trusted formulas

A new look for MegaFood, same trusted formulas

MegaFood | November 2021

At MegaFood, we don't take making changes to our products or our packaging labels lightly. We know that when you trust a product with your health and well-being, it can be unsettling when it suddenly looks different. Is this the same product you've come to love? What's changed?If you've landed here because you've seen our new labels and asked yourself the same questions, we're here to help! Let's take a look at MegaFood's new labels, and some of the changes you can expect.

  1. A fresh new look! We've kept familiar MegaFood visual elements like the green brand name, yellow background color, and food (and/or herb) ingredients. We've also enhanced the readability of the product names and benefits to make it easier for you to find the products that are right for you.

    MegaFood New Labels

  2. Updated certifications & seals - We've updated the look and placement of some of our seals so you can quickly see what matters to you most. For example, the Non-GMO Project Verified certification is now on the front of the label.
  3. Updated Supplement Facts - Our process for crafting food-paired vitamins and fermented minerals has not changed, however we now list the foods paired with the vitamins separately. For example, we're still pairing oranges and vitamin C (as ascorbic with organic orange) but the orange will now be listed below with other real food (and herbs) in the product on a separate Food (and herb blend) line.
  4. Suggested use - For some products, you might notice a change in how we recommend you take it. These updates are based on the latest science. For instance, products like our Baby & Me2 Prenatal DHA & Choline are best taken with food.

The new label design will begin rolling out on select product lines this November and be extended to all MegaFood products throughout 2022.

We are grateful for your patience as we transition to our new look, and we welcome any feedback or questions.


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