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A supplement designed to focus your mind

By MegaFood

A supplement designed to focus your mind

A supplement designed to focus your mind

MegaFood | April 2019

Stress can take on many forms. On occasion, too much stress may have a negative impact on cognitive function and ability to focus.1 We’ve all experienced a time when a stressful event or input required our attention, and it was difficult trying to shift our focus away from that negative cue. Squirrel! If you’re under a lot of stress, you may not have the energy left for what you actually want to concentrate on, and will likely feel distracted.

Supplement Considerations

It can be helpful to use as many of the tools from your natural-health toolbox as you can to support your wellness (meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep), but today, let’s focus on some of the ways nutrition and plants can help us stay on task and hit that 5pm deadline. And you’re right, coffee is nowhere to be found on this list!

B Vitamin

B vitamins are a family of nutrients that have a similar function and work synergistically together. According to our friend and MegaFood Chief Medical Advisor Tieroana Low Dog, M.D. in her book Fortify Your Life, “B vitamins are often referred to as ‘stress vitamins’ for good reason." B vitamins not only play important roles in converting food into energy for your cells, but they are also important for the health of the nervous system.* Ensuring adequate B-vitamin intake can offer great support when needed.*

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a personal favorite here at MegaFood. Most herbalists have certain botanicals that they just adore, and Lemon Balm is popular among them! It is also referred to as ‘the gladdening herb’, and with good reason - one whiff of the fresh plant makes people smile from ear to ear. (Ever tried a fresh Lemon Balm sun-tea?!) Aside from being incredibly aromatic, lemon balm is considered a calming botanical, traditionally used to support the body’s stress response, mental function, and emotional well-being.*


Ok, so not an herb, but still important! L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea. It has been shown in studies to help support the body’s stress response, mental function, and emotional well-being* This is key - if lack of focus is something you’re looking to support, you definitely don’t want to get sleepy! L-Theanine works beautifully.

Supplement Support

When you need to focus, but your mind refuses to comply, we’re here with supplements that can help, are made from real food that we believe your body recognizes, plus added nutrients and are always certified glyphosate residue free.

When it comes to finding focus, Adult B-Centered does it all. It features B-vitamins for energy and focus*, along with the amazing botanical, Lemon Balm (and L-Theanine!).

If you feel like lack of focus is just one of your concerns, explore our other energy-related products. See which ones make sense for your needs.




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