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Make this the month you take charge of your health, and have a great time doing it! 

We want to see the simple ways you give your mind, body and soul a #dailyboost. Here are 31 incredible and easy ways to boost yourself. (For those of you keeping track, that’s one for every day of the month.) Go bold and challenge yourself to try them all, or pick one that speaks to YOU!


Share photos of your #dailyboost on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook for a chance to win a Vitamix and a prize pack of MegaFood supplements! Feel free to get creative and make up your own, too.

Trouble deciding how to get that #dailyboost? Visit our friends at to SPIN the WHEEL of INSPIRATION (it’s really rather fun)! Give it a go, and be on your way to winning an ever-desirable VITAMIX. Gee, now wouldn’t THAT be a boost?! :)

Good luck & XO!

MF infographic