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Dr. Erin Stokes on Vitamin D3

What would Dr. Erin Stoke's recommendations be for go-to supplements for someone who is chronically sick? Check out this short video & learn more!

Erin Stokes, ND is the Medical Director at MegaFood. Erin is a Naturopathic Doctor, Mom, and outdoor enthusiast. She is passionate about the power of education. Erin’s personal mission is to empower people with the inspiration and tools to change their lives.
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“Multi for Healthy Bone” – We Broke it Down for you!

Our new line of multivitamins has been a huge hit, yet there's one product in the line-up that's got folks a bit puzzled: Multi for Healthy Bone. Designed to be taken *in addition* to a foundational multi, people want to know WHY it's in a separate bottle. We agree, it's a great question!

To deliver the answer, we turn to Tieraona Low Dog, MD, the product formulator behind the full multi collection. Here, she breaks it down... with the help of some very special friends. Read more

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