A MegaFood farm partner


The Nunes' family passion for growing produce spans four generations, as well as 25,000+ acres and farm land in California, Nevada, & Arizona!

“It makes for a wonderful place to raise a family. The Salinas Valley is rich not only in soil, but in people.”

- Tom Nunes, Fourth Generation Farmer

Today, it’s the third and fourth generation Nunes family members that carry on the legacy, honoring an ever-strong commitment to the family business through best-practice traditions, state-of the art growing innovations, and land stewardship of the highest degree.

Foxy knows how to keep kale plants happy, growing upwards of 6 million pounds of leafy, green goodness each year! At MegaFood, we’re committed to ensuring that every last leaf delivered from Foxy is handled with the same hands-on care it received at the start - maintaining its quality and goodness, from the moment it sprouts, straight into the bottle.

Foxy Organic is a trademark of The Nunes Company, Inc.