A Megafood farm partner

Kauai Organic Farms

Aloha, meet our Hawaiian Turmeric & Ginger Farm Partner!

"Every day, our entire team starts with an attitude and energy committed to sustainable agriculture."

Nestled in Kauai’s North Shore, this jointly-owned farm is lead by the Yellen and Baker families. Sharing business and friendship for over three decades, they have never veered from their founding principle: If you’re going to do it, do it right. As a result, they are dedicated to sustainable agriculture for healthy, organic yields while maintaining nutrient-rich soil.

The area around Kauai Organic Farms is blessed with ample sunshine and the island’s famous iron-rich, red volcanic soil. Throughout fifteen-years of operations, they have obsessively adopted cutting-edge agricultural techniques to improve the quality & sustainability of its organic ginger, turmeric, & galangal.

*Kauai Organic Farms is a registered trademark of Kauai Organic Farms.