Welcome to MegaFood!

Welcome to MegaFood!

Start your day with vitamins and supplements crafted to keep you and our planet thriving. At MegaFood, we combine the goodness of plants, fruits, and vegetables with essential nutrients to create a winning recipe for your wellness.

Since 1973

Plant-Powered for the People & Planet

At MegaFood we use over 50 years of scientific expertise to harness the power of plants to create effective planet-first vitamins and supplements. With our unwavering commitment to quality, and as a certified B Corp and member of 1% for the Planet, everything we do is driven by the belief in the power of plants to nurture your health, and the planet’s health, too.

Elevate Your Wellness

MegaFood supplements are formulated with vitamins and minerals plus real food to support unique nutritional needs.†

Credible • Clean • Conscious

Quality is in Our Nature

The power of our products is rooted in how they begin. We preserve their source ingredients’ natural purity and efficacy through every step of production to put them to work for you.

Impact in Every Bottle

B Corp Certified

1% for the Planet

Certified Plastic Netural

Tested for 150+ Pesticides

Made without the Top 9 Allergens*