Spontaneous Happiness Community Workshop

True Happiness Begins from Within!

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Learn How to Plan and Achieve
 A Lifetime of Emotional Well-Being

What will you gain through your participation?

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded participants in a comfortable group environment.
  • Your own week- by- week course manual with an overview, focused discussion topics and a community connection section.  Course manual also includes personal journaling and application sections to individualize your Spontaneous Happiness Workshop experience.
  • Gain a new approach to living a life you love and a plan of action based on your own personal goals.
  • The option to receive weekly emails of encouragement and access to online community to support your learning.

Program Overview
The Spontaneous Happiness Community Workshop is for those who want to learn effective, integrative practices to help achieve emotional well-being for life.  You will learn how to influence your mood through natural, healthy means; improve your physical and mental health; discover how to sleep better; connect with others; and achieve balance and serenity.

This workshop is led by your local natural retailer to ensure you can stay connected to the support you need. The facilitator will offer guidance and tools each week to help you “unlock” your own key to lifelong happiness.

Each workshop will include a video of Andrew Weil, M.D., offering his personal insights and coaching to support you as you begin your journey to transform your well-being.


Interested in joining a workshop near you?

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