Why our soft chew supplements are fan favorites

By MegaFood

Why our soft chew supplements are fan favorites

Why our soft chew supplements are fan favorites

MegaFood | Aug. 2020

If you’ve been a fan of MegaFood for any length of time, you’ve probably heard or seen us say something along the lines of “the best supplement for you is the one you take consistently.” We say it a lot because we believe it to be true - if you only remember to take one of your two-a-day multivitamin, you’re not getting everything you could be.

This goes doubly if you have difficulty swallowing tablets or are experiencing “pill fatigue,” - the fancy way of saying you’re sick of tablets! Fortunately, alternate supplement forms are on the rise, and make filling in gaps in the diet easier than ever.

In fact, soft chews aren’t just an easier alternative to tablets, but are also more convenient, fun, and yummy than your average pill. Soft chews are also fantastic for those that frequently travel or are on the go, as they are all individually wrapped in a grab-and-go pouch. As you’ve come to expect from MegaFood, of course, our chews were thoughtfully crafted to optimize nutrition. You won’t find any high-fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or common allergens (like dairy or soy) in these chews, but you will find the farm fresh foods you’ve come to love from our trusted farm partners - win/win!

MegaFood offers a handful of flavorful soft chew products to make getting your supplements a treat. Whether you’re looking to simplify your multivitamin, ward off occasional nausea, or chill out with some magnesium, MegaFood soft chews can help support optimal health* while also treating your tastebuds and ensuring you’re getting the nutrition you intended.

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