Celebrating 50 Years

Fifty years ago, MegaFood was founded on an idea that dietary supplements could be made from farmed whole foods. Today, the company has continued to pioneer the whole food supplement movement by launching more than 50 varieties of whole food supplements designed for men, women and children.

1973 - Pioneers in Nutrition

Bringing real food to the vitamin industry under the original name, Essential Organics

1989 - Perfecting Real Food Supplements

With our unique process to harvest the power of real food

2003 - Protecting Nutritional Integrity

With new advances in innovative food-pairing and fermentation

2018 - Became a B Corp

Reaffirming our commitment to serve people & the planet - not just profits

2019 - Rallied to Ban Glyphosate

Delivering over 100,000 signatures to the EPA

2023 - We Remain Committed

To growing a healthier world with nutrition from regeneratively grown food. Read our Sustainability Report here.