1% for the Planet

As a partner with 1% for the Planet, we’re committing 1% of annual sales to environmental partners around the globe to give back for use of the planet’s resources. MegaFood’s Giving Strategy supports three main partners: National Young Farmers Coalition, Women’s Earth Alliance and Soil Carbon Accrual Project.

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2022 Impact Report

As a B Corporation, we aren’t shy about our environmental and social responsibility. We are working hard to take bold action to create a healthier world - for people and the planet.

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Going Plastic Neutral for People and the Planet

Our world is obsessed with plastic and we know it’s dangerous to both people and the planet. We are excited to announce we are the first B-Corp vitamin and supplement company in North America to be Plastic Neutral Certified by rePurpose Global. Since 2022, we've recovered over 354,000 lbs. of plastic waste—that's equivalent to more than 10 garbage trucks of waste or 8 million plastic bottles! For every pound of plastic our brand generates, rePurpose Global will remove an equivalent amount of additional, verified plastic waste from the environment.

Committing to Regenerative Agriculture

Soil quality is depleting at an alarming rate, which is diminishing the nutrient levels of the food grown in it. As a result, most people aren’t getting the nutrients they need from food alone.¹ Regenerative agriculture can help solve this soil crisis, address climate change, & increase nutrient density. We’re working to make regenerative agriculture a reality for a better future.

We're excited to have earned a spot on Business NH Magazine's Best Companies to Work For Hall of Fame in 2023!

Supplier Code of Conduct

This code ensures that all our supplies operate with integrity, with ethical conduct, and with respect for the rights of all individuals & the environment. View our Code of Conduct, View our Supplier Manual or explore our sourcing standard to learn more.

Fair employment practices

With the goal to enable a thriving workforce, we make sure all our employees are treated fairly paid above living wage.

Modern Slavery Act Report

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¹ Where do Americans get their nutrients?" Journal of Nutrition 2011. 141:1847-1854