Putting the FUN in Functional Beverages with our new Digestive Health Water Enhancers

By MegaFood

Here's something a lot of us can agree on - good digestive health is important for overall well-being. We know much of our gut health is predicated on the health of our microbiome - the beneficial bacteria that call us home, and support not only digestion, but our overall health as well. That's why, when polled, nearly two-thirds of US consumers, according to recent data, believe supporting a healthy gut is the leading reason to prioritize a probiotic supplement. Something else we can agree on? Traditional supplements are not nearly as fun as functional food and drinks, with 62% of US consumers preferring to get their necessary nutrients from foods and beverages. If this resonates, keep reading to meet our latest lineup in digestive wellness!

To make it easier than ever for you to stay hydrated AND feed your gut, we've crafted an exciting line of Digestive Health Water Enhancers with a winning taste and supportive formula. Each Water Enhancer has a luscious fruit flavor and kombucha zing to refresh your palate and support your digestive wellness.

In addition to great flavors like Lemon Ginger, Guava Passionfruit, and Pineapple Mango, each ready-to-mix packet delivers meaningful probiotic power with a clinically researched dose (2 billion CFU) of the strain DE111®, which has been shown to support digestive health when consumed for 11 weeks or more - a great reason to make a daily habit of these delicious drinks!†

In addition to its role in digestive wellness, DE111 has also been clinically studied to be shelf-stable and resistant to stomach acid – so it can survive the journey and keep doing its job.

While probiotics play a vital role in digestive health, they aren't the only players! We've also included inulin, a prebiotic fiber, as well as kombucha and apple cider vinegar to round out our formulations. In addition to all the goodness we've packed into these packets, we've taken care to ensure they are formulated without common allergens and test them for over 125 herbicides and pesticides including glyphosate. Now doesn't that give you that good gut feeling?

How to Enjoy?

MegaFood Digestive Health Water Enhancers were developed to make supporting your digestive wellness a TREAT! Enjoy one packet daily mixed into still or sparkling water, and sip to better gut health!

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