A Campaign of Hope & Smiles

By MegaFood

Meet natural food stores aspiring for real change.

Natural food stores around the country work hard every day to promote healthy people and a healthy planet. We recently challenged our Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) partners to create an in-store display inspired by our social impact activities around soil health: Nourishment from the ground up. 

“Our goal was to bridge the gap between our mission to grow a healthier world, for both people and the planet, with the mission of our retailers,” says Sara Foley, Regional Sales Leader at MegaFood, and organizer of the Social Impact Campaign. “We can accomplish so much more together.”

Before we share the (incredible!) results, let’s dish the dirt on why this challenge is so important. Healthy soil is critical for people and the world itself, yet it’s in steep decline because of conventional farming methods which rely on herbicides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds and intensive tilling. We believe the answer - and our future - lies in Regenerative Agriculture

We have to act now to address the climate crisis. MegaFood is an advocate of the 2023 Farm Bill, which advances ReGen Ag, and its far-reaching benefits for the planet and everyone and everything that lives on it. Building a movement back towards a system of agriculture that centers around health - the health of the soil, the ecosystem and the health of people - is MegaFood’s highest goal.

Asking independent retailers to share the mission of ReGen Ag to their customers just made sense. “It was not only a cost-effective platform to help Independent retailers maximize opportunities to connect with their customers but it also allowed retailers to have some fun and build a display that was uniquely their own.” says Foley.  

It was important to us to share what these hard-working and dedicated natural food stores are doing in their communities and how they aspire for real change in the health of our soil. And the response was incredible. “It’s impossible to see these pictures and read these stories without smiling,” says Foley. 

We’ve highlighted a few of our winners and shared their messages about community and the importance of ReGen Ag.


Kindred Market - Athens, OH

We see the multi-pronged approach of ReGen Ag as a way for people across the planet to simply get more nutrition from the food they're already eating, for pollinators and other wildlife to be able to live alongside agriculture and to farm in a way that is much more in line with the Earth - rather than against it. We are creating a place that nourishes our community and connects people - a hub where folks can purchase food and other items produced in a way that is in harmony with our planet.

Health Nut Nutrition - Lynchburg, VA

We understand the importance of soil regeneration to the health of our planet and inhabitants. Without healthy soil teeming with nutrients and organisms, it is impossible to produce healthy food throughout the food chain. MegaFood's commitment to educate about the importance of our dependence on soil as nature intended and created gives us hope for a fruitful future.

Papaya’s Natural Foods - Kauai, HI

We’ve been locally owned and operated from day one. We’re committed to supporting all our community - and all of our customers with their personal health journeys. Our wellness staff is key to providing our customers with information and recommendations about our plethora of supplements and products. 

Nutrition Smart - Wesley Chapel, FL

As a health food store, it is important that we advocate for sustainability and voice the importance that our lifestyle choices have a real agricultural impact on society. We are here to educate our customers on how to make the world we live in, the best we possibly can. .

Nature’s Food Patch - Clearwater, FL

We are committed to organic farming, sustainable agriculture and the future of world food production. We are dedicated to providing our community and our valued customers with the finest quality natural and organic products. We have high standards and closely review the ingredients of all products before they are put on our shelves.

Claudia’s Health Food - Toledo, OH

This campaign was so important because there is more nutritive value to foods grown with ReGen Ag methods - and it is also better for the environment. We have a large number of customers who frequent our store for education because we have a passionate and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have struggled with health issues in the past and have improved their health through better lifestyle choices.

Mama Jean’s Natural Market - Springfield, MO

We’re 100% women owned and dedicated to providing high quality local, fresh and organic products. We believe in: educating our staff about the products we carry; recycling all shipping/packaging materials, offering a bring-your-own bag rebate and donating food waste for composting; and working with local charities and participating in community events. ReGen Ag is important to us because improved soil health is vital in growing nutrient-dense foods that are free from conventional contaminates. 

Alameda Natural Grocery - Alameda, CA

Our whole concept is based on sustainable food and its community. Earth First is the motto here! Can you dig it? We have beehives on the roof, we’re Green Certified, we even have a Green Team coordinator. Fortunately, in the Bay area, we are surrounded by like-minded people who care about the food system and the environment. 

Jimbo's Carmel - San Diego, CA

The heart of Jimbo's has always been ORGANIC, and now we look to the next progressive step: Regenerative Organic Agriculture (ROA). Just launched this year, we are excited to highlight brands we have identified as practicing one or more factors of JIMBO'S PLEDGE TO S.O.I.L. 

  • Security for our future
  • Organic is the foundation
  • Influencing positive change today
  • Life starts on the farm

What are things you can do to support ReGen Ag and promote nourishment from the ground up? And how can you inspire others to join you? Share your ideas with us and tag your posts with #megafoodforthought