Healthy soils in New Hampshire: New climate legislation coming soon!

By Bethany Davis

Healthy soils in New Hampshire: New climate legislation coming soon!

Healthy soils in New Hampshire: New climate legislation coming soon!

Bethany Davis, MegaFood Director of Advocacy & Government Relations | March 2020

At MegaFood we are working towards a future where everyone is truly nourished. And of course, that starts with healthy soil that grows healthy food. We pair our vitamins and minerals with real food because we believe your body recognizes real food. So because the condition of our soil globally is of the utmost importance to us at MegaFood, we have built soil preservation efforts into our overall social impact strategy.

Recently, we partnered with the National Young Farmers Coalition and Soil4Climate to advance healthy soil legislation in 20 states by the end of 2020. You can see progress at We started in our home state of New Hampshire and with a few friends- New England Farmers Union, Stonyfield, Stonewall Farm, and Badger- we’ve partnered on a bill for New Hampshire that updates the soil conservation law to preserve in statute the Conservation District’s role in addressing soil health practices to assist NH working lands to adapt to and mitigate climate change. You might be saying “Well what does that mean?” Essentially we are ensuring that farmers can have access to support, as climate change is already affecting them in New Hampshire (and everywhere else). There are earlier frosts, humidity issues and droughts, and much more so than ever before. It's a vitally important bill and, in many ways, a first step.

Over the last 6 months, we drafted the legislation, built a grassroots coalition of farmers, business and NGOs in New Hampshire and our bill was passed by the Agriculture Committee a few weeks ago! Soon it will head to the floor.

Are you interested in advocacy and joining the fight for healthy soils? You can help! Information on each state is maintained by a “State Curator” or group of curators who serve to keep the space information-based, clean and functional. If you are interested in adding information to the resource list below, or to a state page, please email the state curator at (ex: You can sign up to find out if there are any healthy soil bills being worked on in your state. If there are, then you can help get those bills passed by calling and emailing and meeting with your state representatives and telling them - pass this healthy soil bill!! Any and all calls and emails matter. Join us!

If you’d like to follow along our social impact journey, visit our blog.

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