How we’ve partnered with the Women’s Earth Alliance around what matters: a healthy world

By Bethany Davis

How we’ve partnered with the Women’s Earth Alliance around what matters: a healthy world

How we’ve partnered with the Women’s Earth Alliance around what matters: a healthy world

Bethany Davis, Director of Social Impact and Advisory | November 2021

Have you ever had that super warm fuzzy feeling when you meet someone? You care about so many of the same things, concepts resonate, and the vibes are just downright good? You know that sense that you were meant to be connected to a person, and now that you are, it’s full of ease, purpose and meaning?

That’s what it was like when I met Amira Diamond, Co-Director at the Women’s Earth Alliance. Amira is a conscious, curious and effervescent leader in the environmental advocacy space and helps build the team and creates a community of support for the WEA.

Women’s Earth Alliance catalyzes women-led grassroots solutions to protect our environment and strengthen communities from the inside out. They are an amazing organization that MegaFood has been partnering with for several years now and we are excited about and grateful for the work we are doing together.

It's been a joy to work with Amira over time in order to support super-aligned agricultural work with female grassroots activists in the field. It’s always exciting to work to drive national policy on agriculture and equity - but WEA allows us a direct line to the activists who are on the ground, pushing for change. We are so happy to support these brilliant, courageous women.

This year MegaFood was able to support WEA’s Farmworker Rights & Food Sovereignty’s Grassroots Accelerator! With Accelerators, WEA supports leadership, strategy and technical training for young advocates, helping them scale their initiatives while connecting them to a global alliance. We are thrilled about this partnership simply because all of this is what truly matters to us here at MegaFood. We are committed to regenerative agriculture, transparency, soil health, fair & diverse employment practices, and above all else, we exist to create a healthier world. That’s what makes us so grateful for our relationship with WEA and the future for supporting programs like these.

The women in this year’s Farmworker Rights & Food Sovereignty’s Accelerator are truly incredible. We are so excited to amplify their voices and support them in service of their initiatives which include:

  • supporting at-risk farm worker communities in the central valley
  • educating farm workers on their rights around safe pesticide practices
  • championing health rights for farm workers
  • More!!

With our support they are receiving skills training webinars, and more. Generously, some of these amazing young leaders are also helping us at MegaFood! They are providing valuable feedback to our Healthy Farm Standard so that we can further improve our ethical sourcing programs and helping guide our advocacy work around farm worker rights.

We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s accelerator and we can’t wait to share some of these women’s individual stories via our Being the Change video series!

Click here to learn more about the Women’s Earth Alliance and the impactful work they are doing to protect our environment and strengthen our communities.


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