The business of being a BCorp

By MegaFood

The business of being a BCorp

The business of being a BCorp

Bethany Davis, MegaFood Director of Advocacy & Government Affairs | April 2019

It was a crisp spring day in New Hampshire and our Social Impact Governance Team was meeting to strategize our 2020 planning. Yes- we have an entire team dedicated to our mission of changing the world! The goal was determining where and how we can make an impact in the coming years. What resources can we pour into our manufacturing facilities, sustainable packaging efforts and supply chain sourcing in order to maximize our mission?

Clockwise from left: Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies, our sustainability consultant, Ashley Larochelle, Director of Vision Activation; Jamila Lasante, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager; Bill Smith, Operations Director; Kara Evanich, Social Impact Coordinator; Christine Kwitchoff; Director of New Product Sourcing; Sara Newmark, Vice President Social Impact and yours truly, Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy and Government Relations. Erin Stokes, our Medical Director called in from Boulder, CO.

As a BCorp, we are responsible for constant improvement. In fact, we are held accountable for it and you not only have to reassess, but improve year over year. What’s really cool about the B Corp mentality is that considering the earth as a major stakeholder in all of our business decisions is actually a part of our business model now. And since we’re already obsessed with quality and transparency, this business philosophy is a natural fit.

This meeting’s agenda primarily consisted of a deep dive into B Corp survey questions- they regard all aspects of our business, supply chain and aspirations. We looked at water usage, packaging, manufacturing innovations, people policies, supply chain issues and more.

So what was the outcome of this power strategy session around impact? Well, one of our social impact team’s strategic goals is Operating with Purpose. With that in mind, our BCorp focus for 2020 is going to be the Year of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - this includes energy reductions, refrigeration alternatives, renewable energy purchases and two super exciting, large-scale packaging projects! (2019 is the year of Waste Reduction in case you were wondering. Check out this water waste reduction post.) To support this, we agreed to build an employee commuting and business travel efficiencies policy.

Another theme under Operating with Purpose is Helping Employees Thrive. In this area we decided to focus on families for 2020. We want to support employees with families, and cover topics like cost coverages for health insurance and reimbursement for daycare. We already pay over the living wage for our employees, which is a good start, but there is so much more to do!

It will always be an ongoing process for us here at MegaFood. We don’t just want to make an impact on our employees, our customers and our supply chain and products. We want to inspire others to do the same! A part of our 2020 Advocacy Vision is to activate the activist in all of you. We want to support other people who also believe in taking a stand for our planet, and show them (through our own activism efforts) how to have a meaningful impact through big steps and small alike.

Learn more about our B Corp and follow our ongoing Activism efforts.


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