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MegaFood | November 2018

Food is our signature

Using real food in the crafting of our premium vitamins and minerals is a signature aspect of MegaFood. That’s because we believe that real food is what our bodies recognize, making it an ideal vehicle for not simply delivering nutrients, but also to ensure those nutrients are utilized to their fullest potential, by you.

If you’ve chosen MegaFood as your supplement source, you’ve likely recognized the renderings of small wooden signs bearing various farm logos, poking out from behind piles of fruits, veggies and herbs on many of our bottle labels. For years these signs, though small, have signified our big, deep relationships with carefully selected farm partners; the people who supply us with all that beautiful, wholesome, real food. We don’t view them as suppliers, but as trusted friends who share our obsession with quality, and our commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture.

Change is our goal

The world needs better nutrition— better for the people, the plants, the soil, and everything in between. The way we most commonly grow food is destroying our topsoil, and changing our climate. Food, as a result, is on-average 40% less nutrient dense than it was 50 years ago. And while our current food and agricultural systems are indeed major contributors to the problem, we believe that farmers stand to become a major part of the solution. Specifically: farmers with sustainable, soil-building practices that yield food that’s just as nutritious as it should be.

It’s our aspiration to shift agriculture as a whole; empowering communities of all scales to commit to supporting these better practices, along with radical transparency in the supply chain. Organic and regenerative farming methods, like that of our trusted farmers, have immense potential to reverse our impact on this precious planet into something truly positive.

Farmers are the answer

So, to succeed at creating the best supplements in the world, and for the world, we’ve got to begin with the best food. In just a few years, we’ve increased the amount of real, farm fresh food we purchase from farmers from 500,000 pounds to over 700,000 pounds. This poundage is only going to continue to increase.

To help realize our great vision, we’re growing our family to include even more farmers.

Now, when you see our “Meet our farmers” seal on our label, you’ll know that it represents our expanded support of organic and regenerative agriculture. Our inability to fit all those farm logos on the outside of our bottle is a cause for celebration- for it marks the fact that we’ve got a whole team of dedicated farmers representing what’s inside it.

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