Mango Turmeric Recovery Smoothie Recipe

By Angela Bekkala

Mango Turmeric Recovery Smoothie Recipe

Mango Turmeric Recovery Smoothie Recipe

| MegaFood | October 6, 2018 |

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You hit your paces. Your splits are negative. You’re out there daily, sweating it out, doing the hard work to become a better, faster runner. After your workout, you hit the showers and dream of all the records you’ll smash.

But wait! The hard work isn’t over yet.

Recovery is just as important as the actual workout. Muscles grow bigger and stronger when they are subjected to forces that cause tiny tears in the muscle fibers. The body repairs these fibers during recovery and builds new blood vessels to the stressed area.


Angela Bekkala, a.k.a., Happy Fit Mama is an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and RRCA Running Coach. Her love of all things running, yoga, and fitness is evident in her informative, tip-filled blog, To learn Angela’s 5 post-run/workout recovery tips for helping to reduce soreness, enhance fitness, and to keep you healthy all year long, read on!

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