Project Gummy Bare All: January Update

By MegaFood

Project Gummy Bare All: January Update

Project Gummy Bare All: January Update

Setting out to create a MegaFood gummy seemed simple in concept...

  • We knew we needed to find a partner; one who had the technology and expertise in place to physically create this new (to us) vitamin form.
  • We knew we had certain criteria that had to be met in order to create a gummy worthy of bearing the MegaFood label.
  • We knew we had many passionate consumers out there, whom we wanted to involve in the creation process.

Yes, we knew all of that. And it seemed like once we’d connected all the dots, we’d have a MegaFood & Consumer Co-Created Gummy on our hands.

But here’s what we have learned since kicking off Project Gummy Bare All:

  • We learned it’s not easy to find contract manufacturers (“CM's,” we call them), who could actually MAKE a non-GMO, organic gummy. In fact, we had to cut our selection of 10 potential CM’s down to three, just like that!
  • We learned that in order to hit the goal of bringing our MegaFood gummy to market by Spring, 2018, we were going to have to move FAST. As in, there was NO potential to wait on beginning some trials. Consider them in the works.
  • We didn’t know we’d have to conform to the oh-so-specific needs of a gummy. Yes, those bears (or drops, or whatever shape they end up being) are needy!!! Turns out there are essential ingredients that are required to make gummies, well, gummy. It’s the difference between a delightful chew and a gloppy mess. Thankfully our CM’s -the “experts” of this very sticky world we were entering- have been excellent mentors along the way.

All that knowledge and learning combined has us in a very exciting spot. We are *this close* to making things official with our CM buddy. We can’t tell you who it is yet, but they are a very special partner in the making. We needed a partner who was CGMP compliant -just like us-, willing to be Transparent with a capital T when it came to product testing and audits -just like us-, and they had to be willing to uphold the non-GMO commitment -just like us.

It may seem like we’re knee deep in this adventure already. You might be thinking, hey, wait?! I thought this was a process of consumer co-creation? Where do I come in??

In true Transparency, it’s been moving faster than we anticipated, with timelines seemingly shifting each day. But, we told you we’d be honest and true when it came to Project Gummy Bare All. And this is what “Baring All” looks like.

Of course, the most exciting developments still lie ahead. Shapes, colors, flavors and flavorings, packaging, label design, and names. It ALL needs your input, and we can’t do it without you. In fact, if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve recruited a consumer panel to help us document everything that happens along this journey towards MegaFood’s first bite-able vite!

Facebook LIVE alert! 

Tune into our upcoming Facebook Live on Thursday, 1/26  to learn the other big piece of excitement. We’re ready to tell you exactly what these new vitamins are all about…. Because if you’ve ever walked through a supplement aisle, you know the possibilities are endless!

Hint: they’re not Kids Gummies, and they’re not multivitamins.

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