Meet the MegaWell Collective

By MegaFood Team

MegaFood is proud to announce the launch of The MegaWell Collective: a group of smart, insightful and trusted women in the health and wellness space. Together, they form a collective of women, moms, MD’s, PhD’s and sustainability advocates dedicated to spreading knowledge on how to live healthier, while creating a healthier planet.  

The Collective will be a trusted source for anyone who wants to live healthier. We know you often turn the internet for questions on health, and distinguishing between factual information and misinformation can be challenging.  

We want to help you to navigate this through shared experiences and useful content, including healthy lifestyle tips, preventative measures, and self-care practices from credentialed experts. The MegaWell Collective will provide science-backed advice, championing women achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.  


Meet the Collective  



Kanchan Koya, @ChiefSpiceMama 

Kanchan is a scientist with a PhD from Harvard and well-respected, plant-powered influencer. She provides science-based education on living, eating well and healthy recipes. Kanchan combines her background and heritage in Indian cooking with her PhD in Biomedicine to educate her followers on the power of food as medicine and the health benefits of single ingredients. She also provides tips on how simple swaps can improve your overall well-being.  



Nicole Sparks, MD, @nicolealiciamd 

Nicole is a board-certified OBGYN and a mother of three in North Atlanta. She has years of experience specializing in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Sparks talks openly about her own journey to motherhood including difficulty conceiving, postpartum and balancing a career with family. She takes people behind the science of pre and postnatal care, normalizing the female experience, while providing relatable and valued advice. Additionally, she covers nutrition, skincare, fashion, motherhood and overall life balance in a realistic and approachable way. She directly addresses women’s healthcare issues, sharing advice from her own experience as a mom and as a female OBGYN.  



Lauren Manaker, RD, @laurenlovesnutrition 

Lauren is a highly credentialed registered dietitian and nutritionist. She received her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University and went on to become a research assistant at the CDC. She spent time specializing in clinical settings, including the NICU, PICU and became an expert on pediatric nutrition. From there, she applied her expertise to women’s health, working with the Go Red for Women Campaign of the American Heart Association as well as started a nutrition communications business. She has received numerous accolades including Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award and Emerging Professional in Women’s Health Award. She is a three-time author and regular contributor to publications including Popsugar, Eating Well and The Kitchn. Her superpower is interpreting complicated medical literature and conveying key messages in a simple and fun way that motivates people to take action. Lauren plays a role in the innovation of new products here at MegaFood, and shares her perspective regularly on the ever-evolving world of nutrition. 



Kathryn Kellogg, 

Kathryn is the founder of Going Zero Waste, a lifestyle website dedicated to helping others live a healthier and more sustainable life. After personally experiencing poor health from exposure to toxins in everyday products, Kathryn explored the link between synthetic estrogens, our bodies and nature. Her shift to clean living reduced her impact on the planet and lowered her cost of living. Kathryn is a spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic, Chief Sustainability Officer at One Movement, and the author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste. She has a realistic take on consumerism, and shares ways to lessen the impact on our planet. Kathryn breaks down information such as climate policy in a digestible way, educates and inspires others on how to save money, be healthier, and live more eco-friendly. 


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