Introducing Women's Ensemble by MegaFood

By MegaFood

There was a time (not too long ago) when prevailing wisdom would have you believe men’s and women’s health needs were basically the same. But today, we know better. Women’s bodies are complex. They take us on a circuitous journey of hormonal, mood & cycle changes.

At MegaFood, we believe that it's time we take this seriously.

Introducing Women's Ensemble by MegaFood. We've expertly formulated Women's Ensemble products specifically for the cycles and stages of female health. Each beadlets has a dual-delivery format that combines liquids + beadlets to deliver thoughtfully crafted formulas in one convenient capsule. Each brightly-pigmented beadlet uses real ingredients, like saffron and beetroot. Each formula is certified glyphosate-residue free, tested for 125+ pesticides, gluten free, vegetarian, and made without nine major allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, and sesame).

Meet the Formulas

Mood Reset

Mood Reset is a mood supplement crafted with saffron to support a positive mood and help manage occasional stress.†  The beadlets contains Affron®️ saffron, a clinically studied saffron extract that has been shown to support a positive mood and help manage occasional stress.†  Affron also helps support a healthy stress response and mood balance.†  (Fun fact - Saffron is revered as both a spice and an herbal medicine, and has been valued in medical traditions across the globe for hundreds of years.) Lavender oil is included, which may support a healthy stress level (and because who doesn't love lavender!)†

PMS Support

PMS Support was crafted with chaste tree berry, a highly aromatic shrub that has been used for several thousand years in herbal medicine - and even recorded by Greek physician Hippocrates.  Chaste tree berry is featured to support healthy hormonal balance associated with the menstrual cycle and to help manage occasional period-related discomfort.†  While we know more isn't always better, in this case, we've rounded out the formula with a couple more traditional herbs - evening primrose oil and dong quai.

Our unique dual-delivery of liquid and beadlets dials up the support while keeping it convenient - just one capsule a day. You already do the most - you deserve customer support that works just as hard as you.