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By Abigail McShinsky



Abigail McShinsky, MegaFood Education & Content Specialist | Feb. 2018

You’ve heard about our recent Glyphosate Residue Free certification, yes? (If you haven’t, you can learn more here). Turns out, it’s not the only new seal we’re adding to our products! While MegaFood is all about real, whole foods, we know there is more to health than just vitamins and minerals. For years (20+ years, in fact!), we have offered probiotic formulas for this reason – supporting digestive and immune health to aid in optimal well-being.* Much like with Blood Builder, we’ve received many great stories about how the MegaFlora products have helped improve lives. Unlike Blood Builder, however, there’s always been a group of folks unable to take advantage of these (and many other!) probiotic formulas. I’m teasing this out because, as a mostly plant-based and entirely dairy-free gal, this is exciting news to me! (Have you figured it out, yet?)

MegaFood’s entire line of MegaFlora products are now CERTIFIED VEGAN by Vegan Action!!

Why the certification now? What changed?

Well I’m glad you asked! First things first, though – MegaFlora has always been dairy-free. We test to ensure this down to 5ppm! If you happen to have a dairy allergy (and I’m right there with you!) and you gasped because you thought it was already without dairy and you’ve been taking it for months and ohmygosh what have you done – fret not! Also, I’m sorry for the scare

While MegaFlora may have been tested to ensure no dairy was present for our dairy-free friends, it is still a common growth media, and its use in the process meant it was a no-go for our plant-based pals. We were able to work with a new manufacturing partner, however, who does not utilize dairy for any of our strains. We called our buddies over at Vegan Action and had them take a look, and sure enough, they are certifiable – and certifiably good for your gut, to boot!

Bottom Line? SAME MegaFlora products you know and love, now certified vegan! Plant-based for the win!


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