MegaFood Launches Three New Kids Nutrient Booster Powders Featuring Whole Food Ingredients from Farm Fresh Partners

By MegaFood

MegaFood Launches Three New Kids Nutrient Booster Powders Featuring Whole Food Ingredients from Farm Fresh Partners

Kid taste-tested and approved powders can be easily blended into smoothies and juices to increase intake of essential nourishment

DERRY, NH (March 10, 2016) – MegaFood™, a pioneer in the health and wellness category, today announced the launch of its new collection of Kids Nutrient Booster Powders. The collection is available in three new formulations – Kids Daily Multi, Kids Daily Immune and Kids Daily B-Centered – all of which are made with farm fresh whole foods, herbs and FoodState Nutrients™ to support the health and well-being of children five years of age and older*.

By adding just one scoop of Kids Nutrient Booster Powder™ to a child’s favorite smoothie or into foods like applesauce, yogurt and no-bake desserts or snacks, parents can feel confident that their child is getting the best in foundational nourishment.

“It can be challenging for parents to find ways for their children to receive balanced nourishment on a daily basis,” says Erin Stokes, ND and Medical Director at MegaFood. “MegaFood’s new line of Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are a great way to fill any nutritional gaps a child may have during important phases of growth. Designed to be blended into foods and beverages, the powders are also great for children who have difficulty swallowing or resist taking vitamin tablets.”

The new MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powder Collection includes three unique formulations to meet the changing nutritional needs of children throughout the year:

  • Kids Daily Multi: Supports healthy growth and development of children five years of age and older*. Also promotes health of gums, bones, teeth, muscles and connective tissue.*
  • Kids Daily Immune: Promotes and helps to strengthen a healthy immune response year round.* This blend also includes elderberry.
  • Kids Daily B-Centered: Daily support for mental focus, cognitive function and a sense of calmness*. Formulated with a full spectrum of FoodState® B Vitamins, this blend supports healthy mental and physical energy levels.*

“Today in the multivitamin category, the majority of products are a gummy or chewable form with added sugars. Although easier for children to accept, these forms of multi’s can add at least one cup of sugar per month to a child’s diet*!” says Stacey Gillespie, Director of Product Marketing at MegaFood. “Not only does a high intake of sugar place additional stress on a child’s growing body, but it has a negative impact on dental health and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. As a mom of two, it was important to develop multivitamins that offer complete nutrition without any added sugars, preservatives, flavorings or colorings.”

The Kids Nutrient Booster Powders are certified free of gluten, dairy, soy, and are tested for traces of 125+ different pesticides and herbicides. They are suitable for vegetarian and allergen-free diets.

The collection will be available at natural products retailers nationwide in May 2016.

MegaFood will feature the new Kids Nutrient Booster Powders as well as its new line of Multivitamins at Expo West (Booth #1821), in Anaheim, CA.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Based on the leading children’s multivitamin per SPINS, calculating grams of sugar content over 30 day servings.

© FoodState, Inc. 2015

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