Our Partnership with the National Young Farmers Coalition

By Ashley Kennedy

MegaFood is proud to be the first Vitamin & Supplement brand partnering with the National Young Farmers Coalition (Young Farmers). A longtime supporter of and advocate for organic and regenerative agriculture, MegaFood understands the shift that we must see to cultivate healthy soil. We believe in Young Farmers’ theory of change: young farmers “can remake the food system to be more equitable, just, and in service to our communities and the land.”  

The National Young Farmers Coalition is an intersectional coalition united by a vision for a just future where farming is free of racial violence, oriented towards environmental well-being, and concerned with health over profit. They focus efforts on land access and finding farmland, advocacy, water, climate, and farmer mental health. They have introduced a $1 per year community membership program because, they believe that cost should never be an obstacle preventing one from advocating for a better future for farmers.  

The Coalition aims to build a bright and just future for U.S. agriculture – one that serves everyone equally. Young Farmers is working to organize farmers and fight for policy solutions that meaningfully support young and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) farmers. They are inspiring farmer leadership at the grassroots via advocacy fellowships, chapters, and community organizations. Their creative policy campaigns in Washington D.C, are reflective of and accountable to farmers’ needs and their actual lived experiences.  

Together, we will advocate for critical changes in agriculture, including advancing the Farm Bill, equitable USDA land access for all farmers, farmer mental health, and climate & water protection measures. 

We encourage you to "dig in” to the work of National Young Farmers Coalition  and learn about their impactful work by visiting https://www.youngfarmers.org/.