Plant Power Series: Chaste Tree Berry

By Erin Stokes, ND

May 2023 | Erin Stokes, ND. 

What is Chaste Tree Berry? 

Chaste tree berry is a striking shrub with mid-summer spikes of lavender colored flowers that is similar in appearance to the common butterfly bush. The berries are produced when the chaste tree flower turns to red fruit. Chaste tree berry is native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia. Interestingly this plant also grows well in the southeastern region of the United States, where it is often added to gardens for its ability to attract butterflies and bees.  


Ancient Plant  

Chaste tree berry has an interesting history. At one point, there was a belief that the berries were an anaphrodisiac, hence the name chaste tree. They were consumed by monks in the Middle Ages for that purpose. In Rome, the vestal virgins carried twigs of chaste tree as a sign of their devotion. But the primary long standing historic use of chaste tree berry was as a tonic herb for women’s reproductive health, particularly to support complaints during the premenstrual time.  


Modern Use 

An enduring question remains for me as time and time again, the historical use of a plant is validated by modern science. How did people in the past innately understand how a plant can be best utilized? How did they know what part of the plants to use, how to prepare it and ingest it? When you think about this, it is quite extraordinary. The answer for me is that people lived much more closely with nature and plants in a way that is difficult for the people today to even comprehend. Plants were closely observed, tried for different results and conclusions were made.  Chaste tree berry is another example of this extraordinary plant medicine of the past.  

Chaste tree berry now has clinical support for its traditional use. 

MegaFood PMS Support is doctor formulated with a chaste tree berry extract that is clinically shown to support a healthy hormonal balance associated with the menstrual cycle†. It is also formulated with traditional herbs evening primrose oil and dong quai extract. The unique dual delivery format allows the evening primrose oil to be delivered with the herbs.  

Balancing hormones does take time and consistency, so it is recommended that for best results this product is taken over 8 consecutive weeks.