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Ep 18: Fixing Our Food System with Author Robyn O'Brien ("The Unhealthy Truth")

By MegaFood


runtime: 41:18


Ep 18: Fixing Our Food System with Author Robyn O'Brien ("The Unhealthy Truth")

Robyn O’Brien, food activist and author of “The Unhealthy Truth” joins our resident naturopath, Erin Stokes, for a discussion on our nation’s broken food system. She shares what’s happened to food, how things got this way, AND what we can do to set our food system back on track. If the health, nutrition and safety of your family is important to you, you’re going to want to listen to this.


A former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien triggered an allergic reaction in the food industry when she asked: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” Called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by Bloomberg and the New York Times, Robyn has helped lead a food awakening among consumers, corporations and political leaders for over a decade, and counting. For more from Robyn, visit her website,


I often will say courage is contagious. When one person steps forward and moves to make a change or call out some injustice, it inspires other people to do the same. -Robyn O'Brien

Fear is not a catalyzing emotion for a long period of time. Yet, love is rocket fuel. It is an incredible force, an expansive energy, and it drives remarkable change. -Robyn O'Brien


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