Chilled Golden Milk + Turmeric 101

By Amanda Paa

Chilled Golden Milk + Turmeric 101

Chilled Golden Milk + Turmeric 101

When media gets hooked on a food trend, they have a tendency to feature it day in and day out. Kind of like when a radio station plays that popular song every 3 hours…… Hence the reason you’ve probably heard you should be adding turmeric to your every day, or that acai berries should replace blueberries in your smoothies because of their high antioxidant properties.*

And although I sometimes get tired of hearing about these “new” foods, the buzz works to introduce us to things that can benefit our health we may never have tried otherwise. But I’m also a firm believer in understanding in order to embrace. Hearing about it is good for awareness, but for me to make it part of my life, I need to learn the how/what/why.

So today, let’s talk details about turmeric, and end with a recipe for this cooling and restorative Chilled Golden Milk.

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