Rising to the Challenge

By MegaFood

Meet co-op grocers that are a force & full of heart.

Co-ops around the country have supported MegaFood for many decades, championing our brand and joining in the crusade for a healthier world. We recently challenged our National Co-Op Grocer (NCG) partners to create a display inspired by our social impact activities around soil health: Nourishment from the ground up

Asking co-ops to share the mission of ReGen Ag to their customers was a tall order. “Post pandemic, they have a lot to handle on a daily basis, including challenges like staffing shortages and supply disruptions which impact ordering inventory and stocking shelves,” says Sara Foley, Regional Sales Leader at MegaFood, and organizer of the ReGen Ag Campaign. “We knew it could be beneficial to our retail partners to have a meaningful message to share with their community that aligned with their values.“

The response was immediate and impressive! “The level of participation, excitement and passion for the cause left us speechless,” says Foley. “The photos we received made my heart burst.” 

We’ve highlighted a few of our winners and shared their messages about community and the importance of ReGen Ag. 

Before we share the (incredible!) results, let’s dish the dirt on why this challenge is so important. Healthy soil is critical for people and the world itself, yet it’s in steep decline because of conventional farming methods which rely on herbicides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds and intensive tilling. We believe the answer - and our future - lies in Regenerative Agriculture

We have to act now to address the climate crisis. MegaFood is an advocate of the 2023 Farm Bill, which advances ReGen Ag, and its far-reaching benefits for the planet and everyone and everything that lives on it. Building a movement back towards a system of agriculture that centers around health - the health of the soil, the ecosystem and the health of people - is MegaFood’s highest goal.

Outpost Bay View Co-op - Milwaukee, WI
ReGen Ag keeps soils healthy, nutritious and usable for future generations which blends beautifully with our co-op’s values. We connect with the community by partnering with small/local businesses, and supporting female entrepreneurs - especially with a focus on women of color businesses. We support Milwaukee with all natural and organic products with a focus on producers that work hard to preserve the environment with sustainable practices. 


La Montanita Co-op - Santa Fe, NM

One of our founding principles is the belief in the shared benefits of healthy food and sound environmental practices. We support increased access to healthy foods for our community and a growing ReGen Ag sector. It's important to us to carry and support brands like MegaFood, who are implementing innovative practices to fix carbon back into the soil and positively impact our future.

The Moscow Food Co-op - Moscow, ID

ReGen Ag is perfectly aligned with our values. We’re proud of our sustainability efforts, and we see ourselves at the heart of a thriving, healthy and inclusive community. 

Ashland Food Co-op - Ashland, OR

We’re proud to serve our owners and community by promoting awareness about food, nutrition and health, and also emphasizing locally produced, organically grown and ecologically sound products.


River Valley Co-op - Northampton, MA

We see ReGen Ag as important for the present and future health of humans and the planet. Our co-op is owned by members and dedicated to growing the local economy in Western Massachusetts. We give back funds to many community organizations and projects with food and monetary donations as well as our successful monthly round-up at the register program where shoppers can donate change to monthly causes.

Concord Food Co-op - Concord, NH

We’re a democratic, member-owned food co-op, bakery and café with a focus on natural, local, organic, fair-trade and ethically-sourced foods. We care about where our food comes from and how it impacts the planet. We try our best to do our part in creating a better planet by being socially responsible and sourcing from trusted local farmers when possible. 

Hunger Mountain Co-op - Montpelier, VT

In these uncertain times, ReGen Ag is a solution which benefits both people and the planet. For a major corporation, MegaFood provides leadership in a practice, moving beyond influence to action, which impacts the transformation of the environment and the industry of agriculture.


What are things you can do to support ReGen Ag and promote nourishment from the ground up? And how can you inspire others to join you?  Share your ideas with us and tag your posts with #megafoodforthought