The Benefits of Liquid Iron

By MegaFood


Iron supplements are key to supporting those afflicted with iron deficiency or low iron. When it comes to iron supplements, should you opt for liquid iron supplements or iron supplement tablets? In this article, we’ll discuss what low iron is, the benefits of liquid iron supplements and how liquid iron can help address low iron levels.

What are Iron Deficiency Symptoms?

How do you know if you are iron deficient? If so, are you a candidate for taking a liquid iron supplement? A simple blood test and doctor’s visit can help determine iron levels. Iron deficiency can be temporary and perhaps related to pregnancy, menstruation or a host of reasons. Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency are dizziness, headaches, inability to stay warm, pale skin, tongue inflammation, weakness and extreme fatigue.

Talk with your doctor if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms to see if taking an iron supplement is right for you. Your doctor may prescribe iron supplements. It’s important to remember that Iron deficiency isn't something you should self-diagnose or treat on your own without medical intervention.

Should I Take Liquid Iron Supplements?

Iron supplements are traditionally available in a tablet or liquid format. A liquid iron supplement is a great option if you can’t swallow pills comfortably or you simply prefer the ease of a liquid to a tablet. Many people also prefer the taste of a liquid like MegaFood Blood Builder® Liquid Iron Once Daily which is made with real tart cherry and fruit juice concentrates for a unique orchard fruit flavor.

When it comes to the liquid format, you may be wondering if it’s as effective as its pill counterparts. Good news: According to a study conducted by the (NIH), oral ferrous gluconate in liquid form is more effective and above all better tolerated than other solid or liquid formulations containing elementary iron. In other words, liquid iron supplements may be more effective and better tolerated than iron supplement tablets.

Who Needs an Iron Supplement?

Women often need to be more aware of their iron levels than men. Information provided by the CDC reveals that 1 in 10 women are at risk for an iron deficiency. Low iron can result from issues specific to women, including pregnancy and menstruation.

Vegetarians and vegans also often need iron supplements. Without animal-based protein sources, they need to seek out additional iron in the form of supplements and diet. Foods like spinach, tofu, avocado, nuts, mushrooms and legumes are high in iron. A doctor can advise a vegan or vegetarian on whether or not they need to include an iron supplement in their daily routine. Other people who might need to monitor their iron levels are athletes and blood donors.

How Much Iron Do I Need?

The Recommended Intake for women ages 19 to 50 is 18 mg iron per day. For women over 50, the number is 8 mg. If you are vegan or vegetarian, those numbers go up to 32 mg per day for women ages 19 to 50, and 14 mg for those women over 50. Your medical provider can order blood work to determine your specific iron numbers, and taking an iron supplement could be recommended. One strong option is MegaFood’s Blood Builder® iron supplement, in tablet, mini tabs or liquid form.

Do I Need to Talk to My Doctor Before Taking a Liquid Iron Supplement?

Unequivocally, the answer is yes. You should not take an iron supplement before consulting with your doctor to make sure you are taking the correct amount. Too much iron can be dangerous and lead to liver damage or other health issues. A doctor can make sure you are getting the correct amount of iron for your age and personal health needs.

Will a Liquid Iron Supplement Cause Stomach Discomfort?

You don’t have to! While many people experience some stomach issues like constipation when taking iron supplements, MegaFood’s Blood Builder®, Blood Builder® Minis and Blood Builder® Liquid Iron Once Daily are formulated to be non-constipating and gentle on the stomach.

How can I Avoid Teeth Staining When Taking a Liquid Iron Supplement?

Sometimes, liquid iron supplements can stain the teeth. There are a few ways to prevent and avoid this. According to the Mayo Clinic, one way is to mix your dose into water or fruit juice. Using a straw can also help you avoid staining.

Another way is to use a dropper format and place the dropper on the back of the tongue. Then, follow that up with juice or water. If you do get stains on your teeth, they can typically be addressed simply by brushing with baking soda or a baking soda toothpaste. You can also use medicinal peroxide.