Understanding Mood & Our Mood Supplement | MegaFood

By Mega Food

There's no denying that your mood has a huge impact on your overall well-being - a good mood can set the stage for a day full of opportunity, while a low mood can make it that much harder to get things done and feel like your best self.

Why is mood important, and what influences your moods?

According to custom research conducted this past year (1), mood was identified as the most significant concern across women's health needs - in fact, over 70% identified challenges with their mood*!† The takeaway? If you're not feeling like yourself, you're not alone.

Women's health is complex, and there are many factors that can contribute to our overall mood. This could be due to day-to-day stressors, hormones, lack of sleep, and more - for some, maybe even a bit of all of these! It is important to understand any underlying factors that may be at play, and work with a trusted healthcare practitioner to address them. For those times when you need a little help to support occasional stress or a positive mood, we've crafted MegaFood's Women's Ensemble Mood Reset.

About Women's Ensemble Mood Reset

Women's Ensemble is a collection of wellness products designed specifically for the cycles and stages of female health. Each formula has been thoughtfully formulated to provide support for your body's circuitous journey of hormonal, mood, and cycle changes. †

Mood Reset is a mood supplement that combines two powerful botanicals to support a positive outlook and occasional stress: Affron® saffron, a clinically studied saffron extract, and lavender oil.† Affron® saffron was selected for its role in supporting healthy mood, emotional balance, and positive outlook, along with helping manage occasional stress and irritability.† Lavender oil may help support a healthy stress level and manage occasional stress, as well - talk about a power couple!† Mood Reset is unique in its ability to combine these key ingredients in two delivery formats - functional beadlets in thoughtfully selected oils - in one convenient capsule.

Ingredients you can feel good about

As a certified B Corporation, we know that the ingredients in the capsule are just as important as the ones we DON'T include, which is why Mood Reset was made without the 9 major food allergens, tested for over 125 pesticides, and is certified glyphosate-residue free by The Detox Project. All of our seals and certifications can be found on our website AND right on the product label, to make it easy for you to find a formula that fits not only your health needs, but your values.

If Mood Reset sounds like the right mood support for you, we recommend one capsule daily, taken with food, to help you get back to that glass-half-full, 'I've got this' kinda feeling. While you're at it, take a look at the rest of the collection, including PMS Support. Women's Ensemble: Serious Wellness for Womankind.