Social Impact

As a B Corporation, we aren’t quiet about our environmental and social responsibility. We work hard and take bold action to create a healthier world - for people & the planet.

Committing to Regenerative Agriculture

Soil quality is depleting at an alarming rate, which is diminishing the nutrient levels of the food grown in it. As a result, most people aren’t getting the nutrients they need from food alone.¹ Regenerative agriculture can help solve this soil crisis, address climate change, & increase nutrient density. We’re working to make regenerative agriculture a reality for a better future.

Setting an Agricultural Standard

Our partner sourcing program focuses on 3 key areas: rebuilding the soil, conserving resources, and supporting thriving livelihoods. This allows us to work together with partners on shared goals to improve soil health and build thriving communities. Learn more about our Healthy Farm Standard.

Supplier Code of Conduct

This code ensures that all our supplies operate with integrity, with ethical conduct, and with respect for the rights of all individuals & the environment. View our Code of Conduct, View our Supplier Manual or explore our sourcing standard to learn more.

Fair employment practices

With the goal to enable a thriving workforce, we make sure all our employees are treated fairly paid above living wage.

¹ Where do Americans get their nutrients?" Journal of Nutrition 2011. 141:1847-1854