Growing a Healthier World

We are a vitamin and supplement company working toward a world where everyone is truly nourished. We advocate that better health starts with what nature provides; plants are our power, fueling each of us with the nutrients we need to be at our best. We have one purpose: to sow a strong foundation of health that allows you to thrive.

We harness a unique process built from a strong history—crafting our supplements with key nutrients and real food from trusted farm partners who share our commitment to nutrient-dense food and soil health through regenerative agriculture. Hands in the dirt, eyes on the future. It’s how we’re answering the call for something better.

A Growing History


MegaFood was born from an unwavering commitment to produce the highest quality supplements available.


Carl E. Jackson became owner and president. Carl was all about “doing it right,” and improving the lives of others by delivering nourishment through high-quality supplements.


Our practitioner-strength sister brand, Innate Response, was established. It's where nature and science meet to provide quality products for practitioners to support the health of their patients.


MegaFood became a Certified B Corporation® by the global nonprofit B Lab, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.


Today, our vitamins and supplements can be found across the country both in-store and online. We’re doing everything in our power not to just make our supplements right, but to nourish the world from the roots.


We’ve begun development of a global verification standard for food grown in a regenerative way in partnership with The Carbon Underground and Green America. This initiative is expected to result in improved soil health, improved human health, and a reduction in the threat from climate change.