Omega 3-6-9

Support your whole-body health with a burp-less, vegan Omega Complex powered by plants†

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  • 4-in-1 support for brain, heart, vision, and joints†
  • 600mg of total Omega-3 with 150mg of Algal DHA per serving
  • Delivered in delayed-release vegan capsules to reduce burp-back
  • Minimizes unpleasant aftertaste and odor with lemon oil-infused and coated capsules
  • Fish-friendly & fish-free Omega oil blend sourced with the environment in mind
  • Third-party tested for heavy metals including mercury

Ditch fishy burps and ingredients for a plant-based Omega formulated with the environment in mind. Our Omega 3-6-9 supplement bypasses fish to source the Omega oil blend directly from Ahiflower® and Algae oil. Every serving offers Omega-3, DHA, and fatty acids delivered in delayed release, lemon-coated capsules for a better Omega experience.

Adults take two capsules a day, any time with food and a beverage.

  • Omega-3s from Ahiflower® and algae oil blend​
  • Unique array of fatty acids including DHA, SDA, ALA and GLA​
  • Each capsule is infused and coated with lemon oil​

Supplement Facts

Suggested use:

Serving Size

Servings Per Container


% Daily Value

** %Daily Value (DV) not established

Omega 3-6-9 is Proudly Certified

Gluten Free
Glyphosate Residue Free
Tested for 150+ Pesticides

Designed to check all the boxes

✓ 100% plant-powered Omegas
✓ Helps combat the effects of overfishing
✓ DHA in its highly absorbable triglyceride form
✓ Source of SDA, an EPA precursor
✓ Contains GLA, a desirable Omega-6
✓ Made without Carrageenan
✓ Third-party tested for heavy metals
✓ Tested for 150+ pesticides

A fish-friendly, feel-good formula+

Farm-traceable & B Corp Certified Ahiflower Oil

Each acre of Ahiflower1 produces as much Omega-3 oil as half a million anchovies, helping combat the effects of overfishing.

Fish-free Algae Oil

Using a closed system, this Algae oil cultivation process helps minimize negative impact to oceanic ecosystems.

100% plant-powered Omega 3-6-9

MegaFood Omega 3-6-9 delivers a diverse array of plant-based Omega fatty acids and 600 mg of Omega-3 per serving.

Algal DHA in its highly-absorbable form
With 150 mg of DHA per serving sourced from algae oil using a hexane-free extraction process.


Balanced Omega 3-6-9 Ahiflower® oil
A source of SDA — an EPA precursor shown to be as effective at promoting EPA in the body as direct EPA supplementation.

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