7 ways to fit in “me-time” during your pregnancy

By MegaFood

7 ways to fit in “me-time” during your pregnancy

7 ways to fit in “me-time” during your pregnancy

MegaFood | March 2020

Self-care is an important practice throughout life. It helps us stay grounded, prioritize our own well-being, and de-stress, which allows us to better help those we love. When life gets hectic, however, it can feel difficult to prioritize ‘me-time,’ - selfish, even - but that is often when you need it most!

There are few times in life more hectic or stressful than when you’re expecting. Not only is your body accomplishing an amazing feat, but you have to keep up with the normal demands of life while you’re busy creating it! Tackle on morning sickness, aches, pains, headaches, and poor sleep, and it can feel like you’re running on empty. Pregnancy is a time when self-care should become a priority rather than a luxury - helping you stay centered, calm, and nurtured, for you, and for baby.

  1. Schedule a massage - 60-90 minutes with a good massage therapist can turn everything right around. Not only will it help soothe your stretching muscles, but it can help promote calm and relaxation, all of which is good for you AND for baby.
  2. Get a pedicure - While it seems like there are a lot of foods and activities that are off-limits when you’re pregnant, treating yourself to a soothing pedicure is not one of them! Be sure to book your session with a salon you trust to ensure safety, then sit back, relax, and enjoy!
  3. At-home spa day - On days when you don’t want to see or talk to anyone, you can bring the spa to you! Carving out an hour or so to steam your face, apply a mud mask, and maybe even a hair mask can renew and refresh you without the need to change out of your comfy pajamas! Diffuse calming lavender essential oil to take your at-home spa to the next level, and bonus points for wearing a fluffy white robe!
  4. Prenatal yoga - If you’ve never done yoga before, now is a great excuse to try! Prenatal yoga instructors work with you and your changing body to strengthen and stretch your muscles, helping you physically and mentally prepare for the marathon of childbirth.
  5. Call it an early night - Your body is working in overdrive to build a whole entire person, so fatigue is to be expected. While FOMO might be keeping you up until the Oscars are finished, an early bedtime can go a long way in helping you feel refreshed the next morning, and less fatigued the next day. Don’t forget to take cat naps when you can!
  6. At-home movie night - Who says you need to go to the theater to get a full movie-going experience? Curl up with your partner, or call over your girlfriends for movie night! Have everyone bring a classic movie snack, turn out the lights, and, if you’re up for it, build a blanket fort and cozy up for a fun night at the movies!
  7. Take your prenatal vitamin - While this may not sound quite as fun as our other recommendations, one of the most important things for you can do for you, and your baby’s well-being, is take your prenatal multivitamin, such as Baby & Me 2™. Prenatals are full of key nutrition you need to support the healthy growth and development of your baby while taking care of your nutritional needs, too!*

Pregnancy is full of new experiences and changes to your body. Make the most of this time by nurturing yourself, slowing down, and resting. Pull that pregnancy card when you need to - things will become more hectic soon enough!

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