Fuel the life you love with good nutrition each morning

By MegaFood

Fuel the life you love with good nutrition each morning

Fuel the life you love with good nutrition each morning

MegaFood | October 2021

Taking care of yourself is a really important, really demanding job that pays you back in moments not money. Self-care duties include a seemingly endless list of essential tasks - from daily flossing to weekly grocery shopping to yearly check-ups - in addition to all you do to support your family, career, community and other passions.

Getting the job done, and done well, requires proper fuel: specifically, a good-for-you breakfast that delivers sustained sustenance to power your day and the life you love.

According to The Cleveland Health ClinicFootnote 1, eating breakfast offers four main benefits: 1. It gives you energy. 2. It can protect your heart. 3. It may lower your risk for diabetes. 4. It can leave you feeling more alert, happy and focused. Here’s one more reason: The American Heart Association reportsFootnote 2 that “daily breakfast consumption may be helpful in promoting healthy dietary habits throughout the day.”

Deciding to have breakfast is not an excuse to break out the sugary cereal or dash to your local donut shop. It also doesn’t mean you’ve got to resign yourself to a dreary meal of bland toast and black coffee. Instead, consider it motivation to kick-start your day with foods that truly fuel you.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the largest organization of food and nutritional professionals, suggestsFootnote 3 good-morning nutrition options include oatmeal (made with low-fat milk) with walnuts and raisins, whole grain cereal with low-fat plain yogurt with blueberries, a smoothie with low-fat milk, frozen strawberries and a banana or a whole grain tortilla wrap with peanut butter and a banana.

It’s easy to list healthy breakfast options, and it can be a challenge to work them into real life. So think creatively! If you like oatmeal but don’t have time in the morning for all that stirring, make overnight oats - you can even pack the oats in a reusable container to enjoy whenever and wherever. If you like pancakes but feel guilty about their lack of nutrition, whip up a batch of protein pancakes and serve them with fresh fruit instead of syrup. If you like ice cream sundaes, turn a smoothie into a smoothie bowl and top it with chia seeds, chopped nuts and cacao nibs.

For those mornings when you can’t be bothered, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests easy, speedy options such as leftover veggie pizza or leftover rice mixed with low-fat yogurt, dried fruit and nuts and sprinkled with cinnamonFootnote 3. The idea is that eating breakfast - even veggie pizza! - is better than skipping breakfast.

When you’re hungry for something outside the traditional American-style breakfast options, take a trip - without leaving your kitchen. Have an international breakfast favorite like Vietnamese Pho (brothy soup), Thai Rice Congee (porridge) or Japanese Chawanmushi (egg custard).

Of course, we suggest you supplement your health and wellness routine with a MegaFood multivitamin. It’s an easy, everyday way to nurture your true nature.

Our diverse family of premium multis include once-daily or doctor-formulated tablets that are age- and gender-specific; a gummy or chew for women; a gummy for men; a gummy, chew or powder for kids; and a prenatal gummy. Bonus: Unlike breakfast, our multis can be taken anytime of day!

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