Support your immune health with probiotics*

By MegaFood

Support your immune health with probiotics*

Support your immune health with probiotics*

MegaFood | March 2020

Probiotics are best known for their role in supporting digestive health,* which is one of their primary functions in the body. Equally important, however, is the role they play in supporting our immune health as well.* In fact, “one of the major mechanisms of probiotic action is through the regulation of [the] immune response.”Footnote 1

Since probiotics are primarily centered in your gut, you may be curious as to how that works. After all, we’re first introduced to many immune challenges by touching or breathing. This is where things get interesting!

Over the normal course of the day, as a result of eating, touching and breathing, a variety of bacteria enter our body. It is to our advantage to ensure that we are populating our system with good bacteria - otherwise known as probiotics. Once in the gut, many bacteria take up residence and colonize the digestive tract, which is where epithelial adherence comes in. Epithelial cells are cells found on surfaces of your digestive system and epithelial adherence is the ability of a probiotic to attach to the digestive lining rather than simply pass through the system.

Think of it like this: in your gut is a massive parking lot. Any interested bacteria can pull into a spot and get comfortable. The more beneficial bacteria (i.e. probiotics) we have filling up the parking lot the better.

That’s why we believe taking a daily probiotic is a smart way to support optimal health. Not only will it benefit your digestion and nutrition, but your immune wellness as well.* Our very own Erin Stokes, MegaFood Medical Director and Naturopathic Doctor shares her take on the importance of probiotics in immune health: “Whenever I look at the key components of supporting immune health, a daily immune-supportive probiotic is at the top of my list, along with Elderberry and maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin D.”

Whether you’re looking for a broad-spectrum probiotic supplement to keep your digestive tract in balance, or have a specific health concern and are looking for targeted support, we've got great options to choose from.*

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