The difference between our vegetarian & vegan products

By MegaFood

The difference between our vegetarian & vegan products

The difference between our vegetarian & vegan products

MegaFood | April 2020

We often say that when it comes to supplementation, one size does not fit all. This is just as true when it comes to lifestyle and diet - it is important to discover what works best for you and your health. For some individuals, that may be avoiding gluten or soy (which is why we test for these common allergens), or following an alternative diet, such as vegetarian or vegan.

At MegaFood, we work to offer a broad range of supplements that are suitable for those that are vegetarian, with many of them certified vegan. These two diets and lifestyles are very similar to one another, but there are a few key differences that make them each unique in their own right. If you’ve ever wondered what separates the two, this blog is for you!

Defining Vegetarian

Simply, a vegetarian diet is one that prioritizes plant-based foods, rejects animal products (meat), but includes animal by-products such as eggs and dairy. Someone following a vegetarian diet will eat foods such as cheese and yogurt, and may wear wool or silk clothing, as these are animal byproducts as well.

Defining Vegan

Veganism is vegetarianism's strict older sibling. Someone following a vegan diet also prioritizes plant-based foods, but avoids both animal products and byproducts - no meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and more. A vegan is also more likely to extend their beliefs to their lifestyle in addition to their diet - avoiding wool or silk clothing, leather, products whose manufacture uses animal byproducts, or those produced with animal testing. Essentially, if an animal was used at all to make it, it’s a no-go!

What this means for MegaFood products

MegaFood strives to make our products available to as many diets and lifestyles as possible. When perusing our formulas, you’ll notice the vegetarian seal on nearly all of our products, and the certified vegan seal on all those that use no animal byproducts at all (we work with Vegan Action to make extra sure our supply chain and processes meet the needs of those following a plant-based diet).

What prevents some products from being certified vegan? Our vegetarian products are made without ingredients of animal origin except for those with Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) which is derived from lanolin (from sheep wool), GTF Chromium (which contains l-cysteine from duck feathers), and/or L-tyrosine (from duck feathers). And while these materials aren’t found directly in our products, they are part of the process, which is why they are not considered vegan.

In addition to vegetarian and vegan seals on our products, we test and certify a range of other things as well, including ensuring our products are dairy, gluten, and soy free, tested for over 125+ herbicides and pesticides (including glyphosate), and more! To learn more, you can check out the certification page on our website!

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