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Abigail McShinsky, MegaFood Education & Content Specialist | Oct. 2019

Plants are the foundation of our modern medical system. It may sound like a stretch, but many of the most commonly-recommended and prescribed medications of our day came about because of the study of plants and their compounds - morphine and poppy, aspirin and white willow, menthol and mint. While we’ve strayed from this model as science has evolved, there is no denying the impact herbs can have on our health and well-being.* The modern-day study and application of these time-tested botanicals is referred to as Herbalism, and those that practice it, Herbalists.

Herbalists, by the most simple definition, practice healing through the use of herbs. In many cultures, herbalists were the primary healers of the community - experts on local plant medicine, the body, and the soul. Over the years, our traditional understanding of these plants - passed down from these healers through the generations - has combined with scientific study, to lend an even greater understanding of how these beautiful botanicals can impact our health. Herbalists study these plants, and the human body, to understand the ways we can incorporate them into our lives to promote wellness and bring the body back into balance.

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My path to herbalism began very organically. Growing up, our household was always full of fresh flowers and lots of plants, thanks to the green thumb of my landscaper mother. That close proximity to botanicals piqued my interest at a young age, and while I never inherited my mother’s green thumb, I did inherit her tendency to reach for plants rather than pills when I needed headache help or stress support.

Today, as your Education & Content Specialist at MegaFood (check out my videos!) my understanding of the myriad ways plants can support our well-being helps me better support you when it comes to finding products that fit your needs. Want some plant-powered stress support? Take a peek at my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Adrenal Strength®, which combines some of the best calming herbs to nourish your adrenals and support a healthy stress response.*

Low in energy and not interested in loading up on caffeine? Plants have you covered there, too! Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder™ places energizing botanicals front and center, such as beetroot, ashwagandha, and eleuthero, so you don’t have to search high and low for the plant-energy you need.

And if energy and stress support aren’t enough, herbs can help keep your immune system in top-top shape, too! Botanicals like elderberry, echinacea, and andrographis, all found in our amazing Immune Defense* product, support a healthy immune response!*

Incorporating more herbs into your life doesn’t need to be intimidating, and at MegaFood, we’ve done the hard work of not only creating thoughtful herbal formulas to support your wellness, but sourcing the best of the best when it comes to botanicals - ensuring they are free of allergens such as gluten, dairy, and soy, as well as tested for over 125 different herbicides and pesticides, and certified glyphosate residue free.

From an herbalist perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that!


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