Gut health during pregnancy + post-partum

By Meghan Roosevelt

Gut health during pregnancy + post-partum

Gut health during pregnancy + post-partum

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Meghan Roosevelt of the Healthy Grocery Girl gets a lot of pregnancy related questions, just by being a Registered Dietician. And now that she’s recently had a baby, Meghan’s a doubly good resource if you’ve got a pre or post-natal nutrition question.

On pregnancy and gut health, Meghan shares:

Your microbiome, the population of microbes (bacteria) that live in your gut, plays a key role in your immune health, digestive and gut health, mood, energy levels and skin health. Did you know that eighty-percent of your immune health resides in your gut? And did you know that the gut is often referred to as “the second brain” because of how closely gut health and cognitive health are related? Gut health is crucial for all season of life, and is especially important during pregnancy and postpartum.

Given Meghan’s expertise as a dietician and as a new mama, we asked her to compile her top five tips for promoting gut health during pregnancy and postpartum.

Visit for Meghan’s five gut-loving tips for new mamas, and mamas-soon-to-be!

5 prenatal + postnatal tips for a happy gut


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