Gut love plus one: personalized probiotics

By Erin Stokes

What's the perfect probiotic for me?

What's the perfect probiotic for me?

MegaFood | January 2020

Understanding your microbiome is one thing, but making a probiotic selection is another. Here’s a simple visual to break down your many gut-supportive options. Read on below for further details on how each of our blends helps your flora -and other targeted health areas- flourish!

Probiotics, tried and true

Our original MegaFlora collection includes our original 14 strain blend, and is an excellent foundational choice. It helps support intestinal health and immunity, and contains 20 billion CFUs.* If you need to take it up a notch due to times of increased stress, or the need for additional immune support, consider a 50 billion CFU formulation*

200 Billion CFUs seems like a lot, and it is. MegaFlora® 200 is specifically designed to support your intestinal health when you need it most, i.e. after traveling to another climate or timezone.*

Probiotics with prebiotics

MegaFlora® for Women supports feminine health*, Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Probiotic + Prebiotic is taken by pregnant and nursing moms, and MegaFlora® with Turmeric was designed to focus specifically on regularity and proper digestion,* factors people commonly seek to support in the later stages of life.

Each of these options contains the original MegaFlora 14 strain blend and in addition, is custom designed to include clinically-researched strains, prebiotics and supportive whole foods, fresh from our trusted farm partners, who share our commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture.

Take note that all the aforementioned products are adult formulations. For supporting the youngest microbiomes, MegaFlora Kids Probiotic is intended for ages five and up.*

What you won't find

Because allergies are an ever-present concern, we take added steps to ensure all MegaFood probiotics are always tested to be free of gluten, dairy and soy. We’re also free of gmos, and test for over 125 different pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate. Our Glyphosate Residue Free certification is added security that you won’t find the prevalent residue of this common weed killer in your probiotics, or any of your MegaFood supplements.

You now have more choices than ever before to support an unseen - yet very important - aspect of your health: The Microbiome.

Still exploring the world of digestive health? Continue your journey towards a happy gut.


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