Nausea relief from the power of ginger and B6*

By MegaFood

Nausea relief from the power of ginger and B6*

Nausea relief from the power of ginger and B6*

MegaFood | March 2020

Pregnancy is an incredible time of life full of changes and new experiences. While some of these are amazing, others - not so much. One of these “new experiences”, which goes hand-in-hand with early pregnancy for many women, is the poorly-named morning sickness (which can happen any time of day, not just in the morning!).

In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, up to 85% of pregnant women experience morning sickness. And when you’re going through it, it can seem hard to believe it has a purpose, however Cornell University biologists determined that “morning sickness is Mother Nature's way of protecting mothers and their unborn,” from foodborne illness and other concerns.

Fortunately, there are a range of commonly recommended remedies that can help you feel better when the nausea kicks in. Things to consider trying include:

  • Bland foods
  • Sea bands
  • Ginger
  • Vitamin B6

So, in true MegaFood fashion, we did the work of pairing a number of these ingredients together to help you battle morning sickness in a tasty and easy way:* MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Morning Sickness Nausea Relief* Soft Chews.

MegaFood Baby & Me Morning Sickness Nausea Relief* Soft Chews


Our new ginger chews were doctor-formulated by Tieraona Low Dog M.D., our Chief Medical Advisor, with a dose of 250 mg of organic ginger per chew and 12.5mg of vitamin B6. You can feel good knowing you and your baby are in good hands, as not only is doctor Low Dog a Medical Doctor, she is also an herbalist, midwife and women’s health expert.

Ginger & B6 - a power couple

Our Morning Sickness ginger chews combine two well-known anti-nausea ingredients - ginger and vitamin B6 - into a convenient chew that helps alleviate nausea related to morning sickness.*

We source our organic ginger from Kauai Organic Farms in Hawaii, because we believe that the most nutritious food comes from healthy soils and valued farmers. Our goal is to work with farmers who share our commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture.

Vitamin B6 is recommended to support morning sickness in early pregnancy, and our FoodState Vitamin B6 includes vitamin B6 delivered with Saccharomyces cerevisiae to deliver a consistent potency of B6 and the benefit of the whole food it is delivered with.*

Why chews?

When you’re struggling with morning sickness, the idea of swallowing a tablet or capsule can seem daunting. Instead, we formulated a ginger chew that is sweetened and flavored with a touch of honey and lemon - a soothing combo that tempers the ginger’s heat and tastes great! (And, while you’re considering other alternative forms of supplements, be sure to check out our multivitamin chews for the whole family!) And, if you’re concerned about the sweetness, each chew contains 2 grams of sugar. They’re also non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free, and contain no added colors or artificial flavors.

If you’re struggling with morning sickness and are looking for something convenient to alleviate nausea*, Baby & Me 2 Morning Sickness Nausea Relief* Soft Chews were made for you! Just one chew three times a day (ideally for three days) can support relief from morning sickness* and help you get through the day with a bit more ease.

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