The vitamin C supplements you need to support immune health*

By MegaFood

The vitamin C supplements you need to support immune health*

The vitamin C supplements you need to support immune health*

MegaFood | Sept. 2019

Vitamin C has been a go-to for years to support a healthy immune response, and with good reason - vitamin C “enhances the activity of T-cells...and other immune cells, helping to fight off infections” (Fortify Your Life, 121). One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to supplements, however, which is why MegaFood offers a vitamin C so the whole family can help fill this important nutritional gap.

Complex C

This is an immune system champion!* MegaFood Complex C takes 250mg of FoodState® Vitamin C and combines it with two powerful blends to deliver a broad spectrum of phytonutrients: our Organic Bioflavonoid Complex (organic amla fruit, organic green pepper, organic rose hips and organic orange peel), and Fruit Phenolic Blend (organic whole orange, organic cranberry and organic blueberry).* While some vitamin C formulas that can be harsh on the stomach, Complex C can be taken any time of the day, even on an empty stomach.

Ultra C-400

When seasonal challenges set in, sometimes we need a bit of a boost. That’s where Ultra C-400 comes in. Our Ultra-C 400 provides FoodState® Vitamin C delivered with real organic oranges for the ultimate immune support.* You’ll also find our Nourishing Food and Herb Blend for an added spectrum of phtyonutrients and nourishing compounds.* Reach for this when your immune system needs a bit of extra love! And just like our other vitamin C products, Ultra C-400 can be taken any time of the day, even on an empty stomach.

Daily Vitamin C Booster Powder

We’re all about the options, and Daily Vitamin C Booster Powder offers just that - a convenient, non-tablet way to get the vitamin C you’re after. MegaFood Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder combines FoodState® Vitamin C with farm-fresh super fruits, including organic blueberries, organic cranberries, and organic whole oranges, for a powerful delivery of phytonutrients.* We also include our Immune-Balancing Blend with organic astragalus and organic schisandra berry.* To get all these goodies, all you need to do is mix with your favorite juice or smoothie, sip, and enjoy!

Gummy C Defense

Gummy C Defense is where health and happiness meet. Our MegaFood Gummies are made with real food sourced from farm partners to deliver a range of health-promoting compounds—no artificial or added colors or flavors, period—plus they’re easy to chew and swallow. Each serving of Gummy C Defense Tangy Citrus provides 180 mg of FoodState® Vitamin C to help support immune health, while juicy, farm-fresh oranges give our gummies an authentic citrus flavor (and color!) and provide complementary cofactors.*

All the Options

Whether you prefer the simplicity of tablets, the fun of gummies, or the ease of powders, MegaFood has a vitamin C formula to help support your optimal wellness goals.* And if you’re up for a little fun with your food, check out the recipes below that incorporate C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder into delicious and good-for-you bites to take your immune-health to tasty new heights!*

Interested in our other vitamins and supplements that also include real food and added nutrients? Support your body from the ground up with our Energy, Digestion and Sleep & Stress products today!


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