A Liquid Iron supplement to support healthy energy

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A Liquid Iron supplement to support healthy energy

A Liquid Iron supplement to support healthy energy

Low iron is no joke. Iron is responsible for creating healthy red blood cells that can carry oxygen throughout our body and deliver it to our cells, so they can perform their most basic functions. When we aren't getting enough iron, there’s a good chance our bodies aren’t getting enough oxygen, and, aside from being generally not great for us, low iron also leads to some crummy-feeling side effects. Things like fatigue/exhaustion, heart palpitations, muscle-weakness, and an inability to warm up (or thermoregulate) are all associated with this nutrient deficiency. Unfortunately, it can get a bit worse for many of the women (because low iron primarily impacts menstruating women) who look to iron supplements to help them out.

Unfortunately, up to 32% of US adults report difficulty swallowing tablets, creating a barrier between them and the nourishment they need.1

That’s why we’ve expanded our Blood Builder family to include Blood Builder® Liquid Iron Once Daily. This convenient liquid iron was formulated to be non-constipating, gentle on the stomach, and to support healthy energy.*

One of the best features that differentiates our liquid iron from others is that you can get the full serving of 27 mg of elemental iron in just ONE serving a day. To make it an enjoyable part of your daily routine, we’ve paired it with real tart cherry, apple, and pear juice concentrates and other natural flavors to create our Orchard fruit flavor.

Since we’re a brand that is admittedly obsessed with quality, you can find all our purity certifications on the label, including Non-GMO Project Verified and Glyphosate Residue Free certifications. As always, this is also tested for 125+ herbicides and pesticides, as well as gluten, dairy, and soy.

If you’ve been feeling run down, low in energy and think iron may be the culprit, work with your healthcare practitioner to test your levels. If an iron supplement makes sense, Blood Builder® Liquid Iron Once Daily is a convenient way to get the support that you need!

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