MegaFood's Go-Green Tips

By Ashley Kennedy

MegaFood | April 2023


We ❤️ Mother Nature!


MegaFood celebrates Earth Day every day of the year. We’re an earth friendly supplement company, after all, so we owe a lot to Mother Nature and the fruits, veggies & herbs she supplies. 


Here are a few favorite go-green tips we can all follow to help better our planet::

  1. Shop items you use often in bulk to use less packaging.
  1. When ordering online, avoid one-off purchases - wait until you can ship several items together.
  1. Manage your energy consumption -  turn off the lights, heat & A/C when not needed.
  1. Use revolving doors - they help maintain indoor temps to save energy. 
  1. Reduce single-use items like straws to keep them out of landfills.
  1. Drink from a reusable plastic bottle to reduce plastic waste.
  1. Start a garden and grow all your favorite veggies.

Do your part! Even the small things help. 

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