MegaFood® Expands Multivitamin Offering with the Launch of Multi Gummies for the Whole Family

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MegaFood® Expands Multivitamin Offering with the Launch of Multi Gummies for the Whole Family

MANCHESTER, N.H. (August 23, 2021) - MegaFood®, a brand expertly crafting supplements with key nutrients and real food, announced today the expansion of their multivitamin line with the launch of Women’s, Kids, Men’s, and Prenatal Multi Gummies. The new Multi Gummies contain essential nutrients in a delicious gummy option to support optimal health and wellness for women, men and children ages 4 and up.*

MegaFood Multi Gummies were created with convenience, taste, and quality in mind. Made with key nutrients and real, organic fruits, the Multi Gummies are free of high fructose corn syrup and gelatin. Additionally, they can be taken at any time of day, even on an empty stomach. All four new Multi Gummies are Non-GMO Project Verified, vegetarian, glyphosate residue-free, gluten free, and made without dairy & soy.

“As a naturopathic doctor and a mom, I believe in ‘food first.’ Food is always our best way to obtain vitamins and minerals,” shares Erin Stokes, ND and Medical Director at MegaFood. “However, in our modern world, sometimes we can’t get all of the nutrients we need from food alone, even when we’re focused on a well-rounded diet, which is why a multivitamin is a great addition to help fill nutrient gaps.”

MegaFood’s new line of Multi Gummies include:

Women's Multi Gummies (SRP: $17.99) – Combining a delicious tangerine flavor with 19 essential nutrients, these gummies are formulated specifically for women and their unique nutritional needs, including choline to support healthy memory and cognitive function,* B vitamins to support healthy cellular energy production and nervous system health,* vitamin D3 to support healthy bones,*and chromium to support healthy blood sugar metabolism.*

Kids Multi Gummies (SRP: $17.99) – Packed with 19 essential nutrients and offered in a kid-friendly, berrylicious flavor, these gummies are formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs for healthy growth and development.* The gummies contain vitamins C, D3, and zinc for immune support,* B12 for cellular energy production,* and choline to support healthy brain development.*

Men's Multi Gummies (SRP: $17.99) – Offered in a delicious wild blueberry flavor, MegaFood’s first multivitamin gummy formulated specifically for men provides 18 essential nutrients, including selenium, zinc, and lycopene to support men’s unique health needs.*

Baby & Me 2™ Prenatal Multi Gummies (SRP: $17.99) – MegaFood’s first prenatal multivitamin offered in gummy form are doctor-formulated to support the unique nutritional needs of pregnant women and their babies.* Each serving provides 18 essential nutrients including folic acid and choline to support the baby’s healthy brain development.*

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