MegaFlora and the Gluten-Free Probiotics Study

By MegaFood

MegaFlora and the Gluten-Free Probiotics Study

Last week, we learned of a new article published in the New York Time’s blog titled Many Probiotics Taken for Celiac Disease Contain Gluten. Featured in this blog was a snapshot of a NY store’s probiotics shelf, where our MegaFlora was prominently displayed. We’ve since gotten a number of inquiries from MegaFoodies who want to know more, and rightfully so!

When it comes to gluten, We take our gluten-free claims very seriously. We conduct rigorous testing (in house and 3rd party) to ensure we meet the NSF standard of <10ppm, which is half of the FDA allowable level of <20ppm gluten present. So perhaps you can imagine that, upon seeing this photo, our eyes all but popped out of our heads! Once we’d recovered, we set to researching the article, and the Columbia University Study that it cites.

We had a great conversation directly with Columbia University only to find that the study was completely blind. Therefore, no one knows what products were tested, including the journalist, who chose a random photo of products at his local store in NYC. While it’s nice to know that our label stands out in a crowd, in this instance, it caused a bit of confusion. The photo has since been removed from the article by the New York Times, who kindly apologized for it not adhering to their typical photo approval standards.

We want you to know that we are steadfastly committed to the purity and safety of our supplements and to full transparency with you, our customers. Please call anytime with questions and thank you for your concern regarding the NY Times article.

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