Our Top 4 Tips for PMS Support | MegaFood

By MegaFood

If you experience menstruation, chances are you're more than familiar with the impact that fluctuating hormones can have on your mood, immune system, and overall well-being. In fact, more than 80% of menstruating women experience discomfort associated with PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.*

PMS occurs in the latter half of the menstrual cycle - specifically between ovulation and menstruation, as estrogen levels dip and progesterone is on the rise. Common PMS symptoms may include tension, mood changes, food cravings or changes in appetite, a decrease in immune function, and more.

There are ways you can support your body during this portion of your cycle. Read some of MegaFood’s top tips for honoring your body during some of the more challenging aspects of the female cycle:

#1 Rest

  • Our bodies are engaging in intense work during the latter half of our menstrual cycle - methodically building a soft uterine lining to house a (potential) fertilized egg. This takes a lot of energy, and can lead to feelings of fatigue or exhaustion. Whenever possible, honor your body during this time by prioritizing rest. While not all of us can take a mid-day nap (though if you can, definitely do it!), going to bed half an hour earlier may be a more feasible way to keep sleeping a top priority.

#2 Prioritize nourishing whole foods, especially those rich in calcium.

  • Healthy eating helps ensure our body has all the resources it needs to function optimally, and this is doubly-true during the luteal phase as the uterine lining is built, which often coincides with symptoms of PMS. Calcium in particular, has been associated with reducing common symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Reach for dark leafy greens and whole-fat dairy to get more of this important mineral.

#3 Add botanicals as a bonus.

  • A classic female-health herb, chaste tree berry has long been used to support healthy hormonal balance associated with the menstrual cycle. In fact, chaste tree berry was even cataloged by Greek physician Hippocrates for its role in supporting women's health.

#4 Consider PMS relief supplements

  • MegaFood's Women's Ensemble PMS Support was doctor formulated to support women's health, with a focus on hormonal balance and menstrual cycle comfort. PMS Support features chaste tree berry extract, alongside evening primrose oil and dong quai, in an innovative beadlet + liquid delivery format to make hormonal support easy and convenient.

PMS happens, but it doesn't have to derail your day. Honor your body and your mind by prioritizing rest whenever possible, eating nourishing whole foods, and reaching for supplemental support when it makes sense for you. For all the stages and cycles of female health, turn to MegaFood's Women's Ensemble - serious wellness for all womankind.


** According to a 2022 Hark Research on Women's Health prepared for MegaFood, it was reported 80% of women experience occasional period issues