Blood Builder: A unique supplement for iron support

By Erin Stokes, N.D.

Blood Builder: A unique supplement for iron support

Blood Builder: A unique supplement for iron support

Erin Stokes, Naturopathic Doctor, MegaFood Medical Director | March 2019

Iron. It’s vital to our health, yet manages to be the most common nutrient deficiency in the world, affecting over two BILLION people.Footnote 1 If you find yourself unable to focus, battling fatigue, have feelings of muscle weakness, or just can’t get warm…. These are some of the challenges that low-iron can trigger. 

Iron, a mineral, is best known for its role in maintaining healthy blood. It is no surprise, then, that blood-loss is the primary way we become low in iron. Read: if you have a monthly period, you’re naturally at higher risk. 

Who else should keep an eye on their iron?

You should, especially if you fall into any of these categories:

  • Pregnant mamas - Blood volume increases throughout pregnancy, and so do our iron needs.
  • Plant-based eaters - 40% of vegans and vegetarians are iron deficient.
  • Fitness fanatics - You might be losing more than just those pounds.
  • Frequent blood donors - Way to do good! But, those depleted iron stores could use a little replenishment.

Blood Builder® is an iron-support supplement that naturally combats fatigue and helps improve energy levels.* Its name is no coincidence: it was truly designed to build the blood by helping to maintain those ever-important healthy red blood cells.*

If you’ve ever taken iron supplements before, you’re likely aware of the all-too-common and rather unpleasant side effects. Things like stomach upset and constipation can make it understandably hard to stick to iron-support. 

That’s exactly the reason so many people adore Blood Builder. Blood Builder has been clinically proven to not only increase your iron levels, but to do so without unwanted side effects like nausea and constipation.Footnote 2 Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But, before you add a supplement to your diet, here are some parting thoughts on responsible supplementation:

  • Women in their reproductive years have greater iron needs than those that no longer experience a monthly cycle. 
  • Men should not supplement with iron unless directed to do so by their healthcare practitioner.
  • Iron toxicity is a real thing! When in doubt, ask to have your iron levels checked at your next doctor check-in.

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1 2 Christopher R. D’Adamo; James S. Novick , MD; Termeh M. Feinberg , PhD, MPH; Valerie J. Dawson , BS; Larry E. Miller , PhD (2018). A Food-Derived Dietary Supplement Containing a Low Dose of Iron Improved Markers of Iron Status Among Nonanemic Iron-Deficient Women. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Pages 342-349.

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